-Review- Myfashionlove- The Secret Plan of Self Destruction

Label: Unsigned
From: Cesena, Italy
The Secret Plan Of Self Destruction
Release Date: 5/28/07


Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. The Gentle Art Of Riding
3. Hope And Fire
4. Twenty: The Pledge
5. Twenty: The Turn
6. The Seventh Seal Daydream
7. Lies
8. A Butterfly With Broken Wings
9. Twenty: The Prestige

Bands from Italy that catch ears in the states are few and far between. Myfashionlove from Cesena, Italy is a band that given a chance here in the states, will make an impact.

Sounding like a mix of old Atreyu's screaming to the singing of the old Used, this album is extremely catchy. The opening song "Intro" is an Italian spoken word that I'm not quite sure where it's from or what it's saying.

From then on though is the song "The Gentle Art Of Riding" which showcases perfectly what the rest of the album is all about. The next song "Hope Or Fire" is a more chorus based song that will have you singing along in no time.

The rest of the album is extremely catchy and upbeat and is very consistent in terms of heaviness and melody. Nothing seems forced, eventing seems natural from this band and they are extremely talented and this is a CD that could be listened to on a weekly basis and never get tired of.

If you're into emocore or anything of the sort, check out this band. One day I hope they get a chance to shine here in the states, they deserve it.

Sounds like:
Melodic emocore with a dash of punk. Old Atreyu screaming with old The Used singing.

Standout Tracks-
"Gentle Art Of Riding"
"Twenty: The Turn"
"A Butterfly With Broken Wings"