-Interview- Mourning After Massacre 2/10/08

Mourning After Massacre

Genre: Metal/Hardcore akin to Misery Signals, Through The Eyes Of The Dead.
Interviewed on: 2/10/08
From: Springdale, AR


1. What are your names and roles in the band?

Paul Wappler-Vocals, Jamison Peters-Lead Guitar, Wes Main-Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals, Chad Templeton-Bass, Brandon Yost-Drums

2. How did the band form?

Original Members Wes Main, Hunter Haney, and Shane valentine recruited each other to start a project. Through a few line up changes and after picking up a few recruits, the original Band Edens Fall Became Mourning After Massacre.

3. You guys played with a ton of national acts such as At All Cost, Misery Signals and Haste The Day, does a certain show stick out as being just more crazy than others?

Speaking for me personally (Brandon) The human Abstract was absolutely nuts. those guys kill. Embrace the End and through the eyes of the dead were really cool shows too. Basically, we are very grateful for all of the bigger acts that have acted as catalysts for helping us achieve what we have so far.

4. How does the writing process occur?

The writing process is pretty basic, For the most part it will all start with either an idea for a guitar riff or drum line. From there we will simply brainstorm, copy and paste whatever we can muster up at the time, and eventually after hammering it out it becomes a complete song. Then whomever decides to write lyrics will present ideas and then eventually hammer those out to perfection until the entire project is finished.

5. How has the reaction to the new record been?

The reaction has been great. It was extremely highly anticipated in our area of the country for the fact that we had to push the release date back about three months initially. As far as we can tell, we have even had great reaction internationally. It is so crazy to go on forums and see people speaking a multitude of languages talking about how much they dig what we love to do so much. Russian and Norwegian Metal heads rule.

6. Any cool show stories?

So many. Back when we first started we played a battle of the bands at a small town high school auditorium in alma arkansas. We got jewed out of winning due to some conflict of religious interest and it showed big time when kids were getting kicked out for encoring us and then booing when we werent announced as winners.

We also played a show a few years back in the smallest hole in the wall town called Flippin Arkansas. No lie, flippin Fucking arkansas. We were seeing signs like "Flippin Church of Christ" and "Flippin Police" it was pretty funny, but so many kids came out of the woodwork for the show in a little ass arcade. There were tiny girls that couldnt have been more than 8 years old diving off of pool tables and shit. It was insane.

7. How did the name Mourning After Massacre come about?

Well our former vocalist shane was really stoned one night (a big reason hes a FORMER member) and he was watching a WWII documentary..they were talking about discovering the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in poland, and they spoke of the Mourning after Massacre, and he thought it described our shows in some fucked up way.

8. What's your favorite song to play live and why?

I know Chads personal Favorite Is "Death Come For Blue Eyes" Because its a crowd favorite and we get a lot of participation on that one, and its also just a fun song to play guitar wise. My personal Favorite is "Once Upon A One Sided Affair" Because it has a lot of diversity, everything from technical blast patterns to one of the most brutal breakdowns on the album with a sweet ass gang vocal chant.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Currently, Chad talking back to some bitch on tv asking if he needs "vagisil"

We have been listening to a lot of Rose Funeral, For the Fallen Dreams, Conducting From the Grave, Emmure, and then classics like Arch Enemy and Dark Tranquility

10. What's next for Mourning After Massacre?

Hopefully we will be living in a van on the road for the next couple of years on tour...its what we really live for and the opportunity to be able take it to the masses is fucking siiiiick.

11. Any shoutouts?

Fearless Before Persecution (www.myspace.com/fearlessbeforepersecution)

The Dodge City Showdown

The Goodnight Fight


Keith baskett (Studio engineer and producer of "For Failure Of The Spoken Word")

Bobby Gerren (Art design and layout)

All the kids all over the world that are helping to get our name out, Come to shows, Buy shirts, Break Bones in the pit, etc. We do this for you and fucking love you all

Special thanks to our florida crew(Krystal Starkey, Sarah Fookes, Dan Brown) For helping to promote the fuck out of us on the east coast