-Interview- Upon Beauty Rests 2/6/08

Upon Beauty Rests
(Jibe Records)

Genre: Screamo/Hardcore akin to A Jealousy Issue or old A Static Lullaby
Interviewed on: 2/6/08
From: Portland, OR


1. What are your names and roles in the band?

Jacob Ashley: Founder, lead vocals, lyric writer.
Anthony King: Guitar and back up vocals.
Richie Bradshaw: Guitar
Jonny Braddock: Bass
Daniel Passera: Drums
Matthew Walsh: Keys and back up vocals

2. How did the band form?

Jacob Ashley left Dear Whoever (a band he founded 2 years before) and started recruiting new members. After many lineup changes the band is whole after 2 years.

3. You guys are signed to Jibe Records, how did you hook up with em?

Scott Olson the owner and founder is a recording engineer/producer who has worked with bands such as the Deftones, Dredg, Limp Bizkit, Unearth, Alice In Chains, etc. Scott saw us play in Seattle and was very impressed with the bands performance. Mostly how the crowd reacted to the emotion of our band and the command of our front man.

4. How does the writing process occur?

Jacob comes up with a story line and emotion for a song. Richie writes a basic outline of a song on guitar.. The rest of the band throws in their two cents and rewrites parts to complete the song and make it "us."

5. Your lyrics are very personal, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mostly life. All of our songs so far come from Jacob's life. Although we are working on fictional songs based on true emotions. Our next ep will be a full story based on a characters life from birth to death to heaven. Our songs are also very faith based as we are a christian band.

6. You have an acoustic show coming up, how did that come about?

We love acoustic. It's our softer side and we plan on releasing an acoustic album with acoustic versions of our already recorded songs and new songs written just for acoustic. We try to fill our days off on tour with acoustic coffee shop shows. We don't need breaks.

7. What can we expect on the upcoming record?

This first ep in our minds isn't as "us" as it could be. It was actually written by many members who have filtered in and out of the band.. Our next ep is more technical, but catchier at the same time.. As well as we have more radio friendly songs. Though expect a few tracks that are even more brutal than anything we've written before.. We're already pretty much done with 3 out of the 7 tracks on the next ep, even though this current ep just came out. We even perform one of the new songs live... It's called the never ending.

8. The artwork for the new record is interesting, what made you decide upon that cover?

Jacob had an idea of what he wanted, then gave an overly detailed, probably over done speech on it to Squad Studio in Seattle, Washington. Jacob knew he wanted all photo art and to have it be very beautiful, as well as kinda worn out and grungy. So we came up with the idea of putting flowers in a burned down house ad making it look like it grew naturally. It kinda represents rebirth after death. Then we flew Danielle Atkins up from Hollywood to shoot it with a vintage 8mm pull film camera.. Probably overdone. But why do something unless it's right... right?

9. What are you currently listening to?

Man..... The band rocks everything from death metal to folk in the van. We just listened to the new Thrice duel album and that'll probably stay on the ipod for a while.

10. What's next for Upon Beauty Rests?

Tour tour tour tour tour, warped tour, Summerfest, tour tour tour, second ep release, tour tour tour tour, acoustic ep, TOUR!!

11. Any shoutouts?

Scott Olson, Jeff White, and our families back at home!