-Interview- Heart To Heart 8/9/08

Heart To Heart

Genre: Pop punk akin to New Found Glory or A Day To Remember.
Interviewed on: 8/9/08
From: South Carolina


Interview conducted with vocalist Darren Young.

1. So hows the re-formation of the band coming?

The re-formation is going well. Heart To Heart is definitely not dead. We're just working on new material and planning.

2. Can we expect a tour soon?

You can expect a tour from us Winter 08'.

3. The EP cover art is very unique, who thought of it and how did the idea come about?

I thought of the artwork for the cover. When we wrote and recorded the song "Scout's Honor" I knew we had to name the EP after it. I then came up with this crazy idea of a girl scout and a liar. So I got in contact with Daniel Bressette. He drew up an exact depiction of what we wanted.

4. We always see bands reform and the sound is different, is the sound going to stay the same with the band?

The sound will stay the same. Although, our songs have definitely matured in a way. Everyone will be able to get a taste of that when the full-length drops. (release date unknown)

5. You guys played shows with The Secret Lives Of The Freemasons and The Wonder Years, what is the craziest show you guys ever played?

Yeah, We've be-friended a lot of great bands. The craziest show we've played would probably be when we played in our home-town with Fallen From The Sky, Secret Lives, A Day To Remember, and My Children My Bride. The show was packed! By far, the biggest show we've ever played.

6. Any SC bands people should check out ?

Yeah, our close friends in Carry Your Own. They're really good guys and an amazing band.

7. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Ummm...I like playing all of our songs live. I don't really have a favorite, but I will have to say that it's a lot of fun seeing everyone go crazy to "When It Comes To Name Dropping" and sing along.

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

Well, I'm currently listening to The Effort, Blink-182 (like usual), Kids Like Us, The Game, Fenix TX, Donnybrook, Josephine Collective, Verse, and Frank Sinatra. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music. I can pretty much listen to anything and get inspired. Most of the guys in the band listen to a lot of metal/death metal.

9. What's next for Heart To Heart?

Heart To Heart's next step is to play a lot of local shows. Then we'll be getting ready to get back on the road. In this process we'll be recording a lot of new songs.

10. Any shoutouts?

We'd definitely like to thank all the people who promoted and supported Heart To Heart. As well as the people who commented our page everyday saying "don't give up." We really appreciate everything that our fans do.
Our friends and family are what holds this band together.
On a personal note I would like to thank Ariel Gagne, Brad Mckinney, Chaz Gagne (Carry Your Own), Brien Worsham (Secret Lives), and Chris Mclane (Stretch Arm Strong). If it weren't for their pats on the back I would have probably given up.