-Review- Consider The Thief - Soldiers And Saints

Consider The Thief
Label: Unsigned
From: Sacramento, CA
Soldiers And Saints
Release Date: April 29, 2008


Track Listing:

1. Counterfeit
2. Between Man And Machine
3. Dreamer
4. In Time
5. Soldiers And Saints
6. The Escapist

Being from California, the boys in Consider The Thief have to keep up with the ever growing number of rock bands that have traditionally come out of the state. The debut EP is something that should be recognized as a solid debut from a band that is on the rise.

The first song "Counterfeit" hits with intensity and doesn't let go throughout its almost 5 minute length. The next track "Between Man And Machine" has almost a mainstream feel to it. The melodic guitars and swirling effects combined with an incredibly catchy chorus, this is a song that could suck people in to the world of Consider The Thief.

"Dreamer" starts off a little chaotic, some way compare the first 30 seconds to a Dillinger Escape Plan song. The song then levels off and sends the listener on a journey of melody and breakdowns. The next few songs are more of the same as the album overall has the appeal of once you start listening to it, you get sucked in and once it sops, you'll be wanting more. Don't worry though, it was just announced that they are working on their full length.

The album closes with "The Escapist" which was one of the first songs recorded for the band. After all this time, it still has the bite that it did when first recorded.

Anyone who is into Thrice, whether it be old or new Thrice, check out Consider The Thief. Although at times it can be spacey, this is a solid album that any fan of the Thrice genre would enjoy.

Sounds like:
Old Thrice

Standout Tracks-
"Between Man And Machine"