-Interview- Animal Train 8/14/09

Animal Train
(Soggy Dream Music)

Genre: Upbeat punk akin to Pennywise or Bad Religion .
Interviewed on: 8/14/09
From: PA


1. How did the band come together and form?

Rich: CJ and I formed the band but like many bands before us we’ve had a hard time finding a drummer that was the right fit for us. We’ve been lucky to have had two great drummers sit in and help out when needed but we are still looking for someone to join up with us and be a full time member.

2. What's your thoughts on the local music scene?

Rich: I think its great I’ve met lots of really great bands from all over the PA area.

CJ: The punk scene in PA and the tri state region has a lot of people who are open to putting together shows and helping each other out. There is a sense of community in the area, most bands are not just in it for themselves, everyone is open and willing to help with local charity events. But like anything it is what you make it.. I know there are those out there who will find fault in anything. We've all met those types..ha-ha!

3. You guys have been on two compilations before, whats your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Rich: Being on compilations is great it’s an awesome way to get your music out there and turn others on to what you are doing.

CJ: I think being an artist is a gift, you have something you want to share with others and get feedback good or bad. The challenge is wanting to have the privilage to perform and create as a sole means of support. I think you have to be willing to give your art away, without expecting something in return. There are so few things in the world which are true originals, we all have our influences we pull from, and not always paying for it. I know for us we'll always be free / DIY band. We are not looking to "make it" we are happy to get the chance to be on an independant label with other groups.

4. You guys were played on Punk Rock Demo with DJ Jack, how did that come about?

Rich: I do a lot of the bands networking adding profiles to our myspace page. I came across Jack’s profile a while back and saw he was a DJ for an Orange County punk show. So I asked him if he could hook us up with some air play and he did thanks so much Jack.

5. What are some of your influences?

Rich: God making a list of bands/artists that inspire me could take a while and would be a lot for your viewers to read lol. I’m a huge music junkie and dig all kinds of stuff from punk to hardcore to garage to experimental/noise stuff.

CJ: I agree with Rich too many to say. I always still the laundry lists on people's myspaces and wonder where the hell did they cut and paste that from? LOL .. :)

6. You guys hooked up with Soggy Dream Music, how did that hookup occur?

Rich: Soggy Dream Music is a D.I.Y. label I run and put stuff out on by us and other bands to help get the word out about their music. We just pressed our 1st single if anyone would like a copy just message us on our myspace page and we’ll get one out to ya.

7. You guys recently made some merch, are we going to be seeing anymore merch in the near future?

Rich: Yeah we just started making our own stickers and plan to do buttons and shirts in the future.

8. What can people expect from a Animal Train live show?

Rich: Well you’ll just have to come on out to a show and find out for yourself ha ha.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Rich: The Abject Rejects a great band from Orange County, CA and a lot of other punk rock stuff.

CJ: The NerveBreakers

10. What's next for Animal Train?

Rich: We wanna book more shows through the summer and in to the fall. Do some more recording and get an EP out in the near future.

11. Any shoutouts?

Rich: Yeah I wanna give some shouts to all our friends and others who have supported Animal Train. Thanks so much for all your kind words and warm wishes.

CJ: we couldn't do it without our good friends Ra & Glen drumming and the good friends who show their support with kind words. A special thank you guys at From the Depths Entertainment for the interview.