-Interview- Feed Her To The Sharks 7/4/10

Feed Her To The Sharks

Genre: Melodic Metalcore akin to old As I Lay Dying or Bring Me The Horizon.
Interviewed on: 7/4/10
From: Australia


1. How did the band form and the name come to exist?

FHTTS formed immediately after the collapse of a previous band/project. Andy and Chewy were the only survivors! Desperate to keep their dream alive, we started to audition guitarists, drummers and bassists. The rest is history and the boys have not looked back, embracing the amalgamation of five talented musicians, thus…. The birth of FHTTS.

The band name is the first passage of lyrics ever written by Andy. The guys liked the idea of an aggressive catchy phrase which the listener could remember quite easily. FEED HER TO THE SHARKS definitely proved to be a keeper :)

2. You guys just finished up some shows with House Vs. Hurricane, how did that go?

Very sweet, probably two of the best shows we have played. Heaps of people came out and HvH were the best dudes. Hopefully we can have the pleasure of sharing the stage with those guys once again in the future.

3. You guys worked with Fredrik Nordstrom (Arch Enemy, In Flames) to mix and master the album, how was it working with him?

It was awesome. Big props to Henrik Udd who works in the studio with Fredrik. They managed to get us a killer sound, and we're really happy we had the chance to work with them!

4. The cover art for "The Beauty Of Falling" is very interesting, who came up with the idea and design?

The whole band worked very closely with an amazing digital manipulation artist named Phil Ferestner of creative schism. The concept was brainstormed over many months, as a result we are very happy with the end product. A big shout out to Phil for taking our vision and nailing it right on the head!

5. What's your take on the current state of metal nowadays?

Can't believe metal core has lasted so long… haha seriously how long has it been since metal-core was born? The kids are still loving it today and its awesome. We do understand that it's starting to get monotonous, but we will definitely try our best to bring something fresh and new to the plate :)

6. What can someone expect from a Feed Her To The Sharks performance?

Expect to see a performance that is highly entertaining, both visually and musically.

7. What are you guys currently listening to?

A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, The Amity Affliction. Eagerly awaiting the new Bring Me The Horizon!

8. Do you guys have a crowd favorite song to play when performing? What's your favorite song off the new album?

Favorite song live: Our party song ….Neptune does NOT have a trident!
Favorite song from the CD: Extinction/Resurrection

9. If there's three bands you could tour with, who would they be?

Bring Me The Horizon, As I Lay Dying, A Day To Remember.

10. What's next for Feed Her To The Sharks?

International supports. Touring Australia. And we would one day love to tour Europe and America.

11. Any shoutouts?