-Interview- All Sufferings (10/27/10)

All Sufferings

Genre: Industrial metal akin to Crossbreed or Dawn Of Ashes.
Interviewed on: 10/27/10
From: Northampton, PA


1. How did the band get together? How did the name "All Sufferings" come about?

To be completely honest, one day in August of 2009, we thought it would be a cool idea to start a little music project. And so we did. We had no idea it would get anywhere near as far as it is now. I had been making electronic music for a year already at the time, so I knew how I wanted the band to sound. I wanted to start an industrial group ever since the discovery of Dawn of Ashes and Nine Inch Nails. The name, we sat around at DJ's computer and we were trying to think of a name. We wanted something dark, but in 2 words. DJ's wallpaper was a collage of words. He found "Suffering" and "All". Put them together and he got All Sufferings. I liked the name so much, that as soon as I got home I reserved www.allsufferings.com

2. You guys just had your first show. How did it go?

Despite major technical difficulties (as we were told, most bands go through on the first show), we found a way around them and played the show anyway. We were half out the door to cancel the show because of the difficulties. We had an amazing show. And the sound and light technician was very nice to us and allowed us to use his fog machine for a truly epic stage.

3. What can people expect from an All Sufferings live show?

At an All Sufferings show, you're going to want to stand up. Because the bass will shake you out of your chair anyway.

4. How does the recording process go for the upcoming EP? What do you want people to take away from the EP?

Well all the recording is done on the computer (both Windows side and Macintosh side). Considering most of the music is sequenced, not much is needed to be recorded for each song. We have a personal recording studio in which we do the vocals for each song over and over and then pick which take was best. We then lay that over top of our sequenced music. Pack it into an mp3 and ship it out. Our upcoming EP, we just want our fans to have fun with the music. It's danceable.

5. You guys are a fairly new band, what's some of your goals for the upcoming year?

We want to book as many shows as we can before the EP. Then after we get a small fan base, set up a small tri-state tour. We also want to introduce the locals to the industrial scene. Northampton is all into the hip hop and metal scene. We want to bring what we like into the town.

6. What's your thoughts about the current state of industrial music?

Industrial music is underestimated, hated, and yet unknown by most. I do think it will become mainstream at some point in time. But right now, it's pretty much unknown to most. We really hope more people will discover industrial.

7. What is your take on illegal music downloading?

I think music downloading is a great way to discover music and see if you like the artist and song. But if you like what you hear, buy an album. Support the artist to help them continue what they are doing and motivate them to do more with the music.

8. What are some of your influences?

Dawn of Ashes, A day to remember, Psyclon Nine, Slipknot, Grendel, Bullet for My Valentine, Noizezzor, Primary Sector.

9. What's next for All Sufferings?

Lots of shows, a demo and EP.

10. Any shoutouts?

Yeah. Our parents, Noizezzor, Primary Sector, Karli.