-Interview- His Statue Falls (1/4/11)

His Statue Falls
(Redfield Records)

Genre: Tech-core/post hardcore akin to old Enter Shikari or House Vs Hurricane.
Interviewed on: 1/4/11
From: Germany


1. How was your New Years? You guys have been playing music for a few years now, does anything become easier as time passes by (not getting nervous before shows, tour booking, mixing your own material, etc)?

Fine. Some of us were on the road having a party and some of us were just too tired after the Xmas tour :) Well of course some things are so much easier today. We have plenty of people doing great jobs for us such as booking etc. We are producing our stuff on our own. We know how to use the digital-media right. I guess the only thing that could make us nervous today is a crowd bigger than 5000 people.

2. Your remix album came out a few days ago, how did the concept of a remix album of "Collisions" come about? How's the response been to it this far?

After "Collisions" was released we had the idea to remix the whole album - song by song on our own. It was soon clear that we wouldn't have the chance to do it cause we were pretty much on the road the whole time playing shows, producing a video and we are already working on the next album. So we came up with the idea to ask friends and people we met on the road to do some remixes. The best results are on that CD and the response is awesome.

3. What's your favorite song to play live and why? Is there a crowd favorite? If so, what is it?

To me it's "Jasmin W. Knows How To Mosh". It shows HSF at its best and it has this part in the middle which is perfect to let the crowd do a circle pit.

4. How did the name "His Statue Falls" come about?

This name existed since 2003 and it was taken because it didnt appear in the web :) Maybe it means that everything is fading, and you can never be sure that the good times stay..

5. What are some of your influences growing up and influences now? Do you incorporate any of it into your music?

Good one.. we all listen to different kinds of music. Christoph is into Pop music and Techno of the 90s. The rest is listening to a mix of Acoustic, Rock, Punk, any kind of Core and Hip Hop. Maybe you can hear that in HSF but we just try to play whatever we enjoy playing.

6. What's the music scene like over there in Germany? Any thought in coming over here in the US?

The scene is really small. Most people here are into Indie Rock and chart stuff I guess. But the guys and girls in our scene are very dearly and we are well connected. WE'D LOVE TO TOUR THE US!!! But it's not easy for a German band, at all. We need a label/management/distribution over there or someone has to rob Fort Knox for us :)

7. You guys are playing shows soon with Bionic Ghost Kids, Dancing At My Disco, and Shadow Of The Fate. What's the craziest show you guys ever played? What happened?

To be honest, we are just stunned on every show. there are so many nice little stories. We enjoy being who and where we are and what we're allowed to do as a band. We love being with other people and well I hit the wall one show and blood was running all over my face and had to go to the hospital afterwards. Not funny for me but for everyone else :)

8. How does the writing process come about? Has anything new been written for the next album?

Often it's Christoph coming up with some synthie ideas but we also jam in the rehearsal room. Yes. We are in the progress. 5 songs done :)

9. If you could tour with three bands, who would they be?

I can answer that just for my person now: The Devil Wears Prada / Miss May I / AND A Day To Remember. Love the music and really want to meet the guys!!!

10. What are you guys currently listening to?

ADTR / MMI / TDWP / Broadway / Jamies Elsewhere /City and Colour / Emmure / We Came As Romans (mates on the German label ;) and so on...you know who I mean )

11. What's next for His Statue Falls?

I guess we have to finish the record. Maybe another video and playing shows all over Europe and maybe the states as much as possible.

12. Any shoutouts?

THX for a really good interview, thank you everybody in the US for giving us a chance. And of course thanks to everyone who is on the way with us to make HSF something special. WE LOVE YOU GUYS