-Interview- August Ruins (1/12/11)

August Ruins
(From The Depths Entertainment)

Genre: Punk rock with a tinge of metal.
Interviewed on: 1/12/11
From: Pittsburgh, PA


1. How did the band and its name come about?

We came up with August Ruins because the month August has always been a defining point for the band. The founding 2 members Eric and Butchy formed the band in August of 2007. After 2 years of line-up changes and name changes the four of us formed a solid group in May of 2009 with no real name. We decided we could put out an EP, and it happened to be finished in August of 2010, when we traveled to New York City to record with Anthony Santo. We chose August Ruins after the EP was finished so we could have a fresh start and release new music under a new name.

2. How would you describe the sound to 1st time listeners?

We definitely have a melodic punk style. I guess we have a southern California punk sound!! We are all very highly influenced by post hardcore music and it shows in some of our heavier riffs and double bass, but we also have a mellow side that mixes well and gives us a unique sound.

3. What can we expect from the EP, “The Ghost and the Gasoline?”

This EP was a taste of things to come. It was our first lesson together as a band, and we really learned a lot from the experience. For average listeners the album can be quite diverse. Guitar solos, double bass, in your face vocals…the EP has the whole package in my opinion. Some songs are faster paced and more intense, and others are more relaxed and heartfelt. All I can say is, just wait.

4. The album artwork is very unique we hear, what was your inspiration behind it?

Our tattoo guy is doing it for us. Hes an awesome dood and a great artist and we wanted to see what he could come up with for us. We still haven’t seen it, and we are really excited to. When its finished we will find out the artists inspiration and let you know.

5. Eric and Butchy are brothers, how does the family loyalty stay balanced in such a cutthroat business?

Coming from Kory, (the 1 typing this) I can say it definitely gets interesting sometimes. Because they are brothers and are so close, they are not afraid to take it out on one another every once in awhile. Its never anything more than bickering and verbal nonsense jabbered back and forth, and for Bean and I its quite amusing. More so than they fight, they collaborate and that’s how we get things done.

6. Who are three bands you guys love to tour with in the future?

Rise Against, NOFX, Bullet for my Valentine

7. What are some of your influences? How did you get into California punk?

Our influences are endless. Face to Face, NOFX, Bad Religion and other punk of course. We all had our metal phases too, but who didn’t?? Eric and Kory both pursue degrees in music at the University of Pittsburgh and are highly influenced by classical music theory. Slash is Eric’s primary inspiration for lead guitar, and it shows in his playing. The point is…we love music. We are inspired by classical music to metal and everything in between.

8. What is a typical August Ruins show like?

From our perspective shows are awesome. We like to keep the stage a very high energy place to be. It keeps the crowd interested and its fun.

9. How is the scene like out in Pittsburgh?

Terrible but its getting better. Theres not many local bands anymore, and to make things worse there aren’t many venues anymore. Pittsburgh needs help in the local music scene.

10. What’s next for August Ruins?

We are going on TOUR even if we gotta beg for gas money to get from town to town, and we are putting out a full length album… just wait.

11. Any shoutouts?

Hi Mom. Hi Dad.