-Interview- Saving October (1/27/11)

Saving October
(From The Depths Entertainment)

Genre: Melodic Metalcore.
Interviewed on: 1/27/11
From: Newark, DE


1. How did the band form? How did the name come about?

Seth Cordrey/Guitarist and Patrick Liberatore/Drummer formed Saving October. Through some contacts Seth had, we were able to lock up Dan Boyle/Bass, Ross Elliott/Guitar and Danny Scythes/Vocals. Once we got together, we hit it off and have been going strong since. The ability of all our members are just endless. We really respect each others musical talents and that's why we have been able to keep this together. Just like most bands, we kicked around thousands of names that did not fit. Many of the members are Phillies fans. From a Major League Baseball perspective, if you want to be in the fall classic you have to Save October. So SAVING OCTOBER was born.

2. Being from Delaware, which hasn't been known for any band since Boysetsfire, what's the music scene like? Are there any hurdles?

It's definitely a slow metal scene in Delaware. There are a couple promoters who have recognized this and puts on shows in the Wilmington/Newark area. They seem to get a good response with some good crowds. There are also a couple venues in southern Delaware that cater to the metal scene, so although its spread out, they are trying. The scene itself. Many local bands recognize this and try to energize the scene with more basement shows when the promoters don't have access to the venues, so I know they try.

3. "Hail The Captain" just got released back in December, how was the response to it thus far? How did the album artwork comes about?

The four songs on that EP were heavier and a more complicated type of arrangement as compared to "Cut Your Losses". "Fate Could Care Less" was written in response to some negative comments directed to the band yet at the same we kept it politically correct. "Trainwreck"'s musical arrangement was set up to give the fan an actual sense they were listening to a train motoring down a track. That was a really fun song from chugging to bells and the vocals are tremendous. "Y R U Wearing That Stupid Mansuit" is probably the bands favorite. Our drummer and guitarists do a wonderful job with this one. Its melodic and riveting. "Striking An Artery" again is melodic as well, but the musicians seem to find a way to add that breakdown that throws the song off to some degree in a very metal kind of way. And again, Danny Scythes vocals are amazing. We have a design company that has been very good to us, AI Designs, Chester Pa. Anthony Irvin is the founder of AI Designs. He along with our drummer Patrick Liberatore developed the artwork that was also used on our current Myspace background.

4. What do you want the audience to come away with at a Saving October show?

A spine tingling/mind blowing experience. Surrounded by gut wrenching breakdowns that get the metal fans in the mosh mood.

5. What's your favorite song to play live? Is there a crowd favorite?

Its got to be "Y R U wearing that Stupid Mansuit". Its probably "Slurpee's Only Cost Five Cents". That song was the first and has carried us since we started.

6. What's the recording process like? What can we expect from the new album?

Well its definitely a process. Its long and very tedious. Since the process involves scratch tracks to laying down drums tracks, guitar tracks, lead tracks, bass tracks to vocals, you see there is a lot of down time for each musician as the other is performing. And its truly a performance. Making a mistake, going back to redo and making sure its right. Band members who are not performing are helping the other members get through their parts. As each part is done. we stop, listen, make adjustments and do it again and again and again. A totally new heavier metal sound. Saving October started with some easy stuff with some breakdowns, but now we are compiling arrangements that leave the fan shocked. Filled with metal breakdowns that are just sick.

7. Who are some of your influences?

Truly our influences have been our fans. Many times we forget where we came from. We have been fans and still are with many bands. So we have to start with them. We do however like August Burns Red, A Day To Remember, Suicide Silence, For Today, Emerosa, We Came As Romans.

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

Well along with the bands we just mentioned we listen to I The Breather, A Bullet For Pretty Boy, Protest The Hero, Blessed By A Broken Heart and Bring Me The Horizon.

9. Any thoughts on a video for a song? What song would you want a video for if one could be shot?

We have considered it in the past. We will sit down and discuss it with From The Depths Entertainment and see what the logistics would be. We have some things in mind for the video like location, props. Most likely, we will go with "Y R U wearing that Stupid Mansuit".

10. What’s next for Saving October?

Wow. Our manager has been booking shows, talking and working with promoters, photographers, FTD Entertainment and studio engineers. We have several shows in four states up to April. In Feb we have our next photo shoot with PeaceTree Photography/Bear De. Then in July 2011, we will go back to the studio to begin the process of making our first full length CD. We plan on writing six new songs and remixing four of our best. We have a lot to do with this CD, but we are very excited to get this thing going.

11. Any shoutouts?

Of course we do. First we want to give a shout to From the Depths Entertainment for believing in us. Its been a short yet long road up to this point. Now our family. They have been so supportive since 09. And our friends and fans. We have seen many of the same faces come to shows both locally and as far north as Allentown, Pa. It's been great to see them. Finally we want to shout out to the many people that follow their dreams. You can do it if you want to. Continue to work hard and it will pay off.