-Interview- What Wings Once Held (6/18/11)

What Wings Once Held
(From The Depths Entertainment)

Genre: Progressive metalcore/synth
Interviewed on: 6/18/11
From: Spokane, WA


1. How did you guys form? Were you in bands before this one?

The vocalists have been great friends for a long time and also have been great friends with our bass player. We found our drummer who basically led us to everyone else. All of us have previously been in bands.

2. The song “If I’m Peter, Who’s Phil” has been garnering a lot of buzz. What was the recording process like with the song? Who is Zack Jasper (who’s featured on the song)?

It was fun recording with Jimmy up here in little ol’ Spokane. Zack Jasper is a buddy who is in a band called "Light Up The Sky." He screams in the very last breakdown with Tyler.

3. What can we expect from the upcoming EP? Is it titled? When can we expect a release?

Our same style with a little more pizazz while being very experimental in our style at the same time. We are not sure what our EP will be called yet, but we're thinking it may be a self titled release.

4. You have your first show coming up on July 16th, what can people expect from a What Wings Once Held performance?

Our stage presence will be very unique and we're having our own lights designed with some friends' help. It should be very exciting for everyone.

5. You guys incorporate synth into your songs. Is that something that will be more prevalent in more of your songs or used very little?

More prevalent, but not too overdone. We're not trying to go for too much electronic sound; it's really more the icing on the cake.

6. Who are some of your influences?

We Came As Romans, Of Machines, Enter Shikari, Confide, Kingdom of Giants, Of Mice & Men, Oceana(older), This Romantic Tragedy, Blessthefall.

7.What is the music scene like there in Spokane, Washington?

The hardcore scene is most dominant here. If there is screaming in it. People will probably like it. Lots of throwin down.

8. You guys have a very cool logo. How did the logo come about? Who did it and was was the inspiration behind it?

There are wings on it. Our guitarist Kaleb made it in a couple minutes.

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

Everything besides country.

10. What’s next for What Wings Once Held?

Wherever the wind takes us. We are taking this really serious and are hoping that everyone that hears us will really like us!

11. Any shoutouts?

Jesus, Jimmy Hill at Amplified Wax Recording Studios, all our family and friends, and all men with beards.