-Review- Almost Failed - Consequence (9/13/11)

Almost Failed
Label: From The Depths Entertainment
From: Linz, Austria
Release Date: 2011
Sounds like: old It Prevails, The Ghost Inside


Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Humans
3. This One's For You
4. Consequence

Austria isn't known for melodic hardcore but the way Almost Failed is going, they soon will be. Almost Failed has been evolving and perfecting their style for a little bit now and if this short EP is any indication, great things are coming very soon.

The intro track is reminiscent of an instrumental that Killswitch Engage would have on their releases. It leads into their first single "Humans". It is very upbeat and you can feel the passion pouring from the speakers. The next track "This One's For You" shows a more hardcore side with breakdowns but still keeps the passion and melody present. The last track on the EP called "Consequence" is a 5 minute song that is an instrumental, then is a little screaming in the background. Then it starts building up more and more with screaming in the background which is very similar to a Poison The Well instrumental, which is always a good thing. When the break finally hits, the whole EP is cumulative in these moments. It summarizes everything they just showed in the EP. Passion. Heaviness. Melody. Potential.

For such a short EP, it gives the listener a glimpse of whats to come. Their sound has matured since their inception and it shows with this EP. With only two actual songs on the EP, it definitely makes the listener salivate for more. Keep an eye out for Almost Failed.

Standout Tracks-