-Interview- Through The Eyes Of A Giant (11/26/11)

Through The Eyes Of A Giant
(From The Depths Entertainment)

Genre: Post-hardcore
Interviewed on: 11/26/11
From: Bloomington, IL
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1. How did you guys get together? How did the name “Through The Eyes Of A Giant” come about?

We actually went through a few names before coming across this one, we thought of this one cause it’s a great example of a birds eye view. Which is our outlook on life, like don’t judge a book by its cover, make sure you get the birds eye view so you can see the whole situation.

2. You guys just has a big show with Atilla, We Came As Romans and more. How did it go?

It went great, all the bands are all very cool dudes, we would enjoy playing with any of them anytime. Crowd was great.

3. Devin Shelton (ex Emery) and Nick Mullins (Clocks) was on your song “Neither Can Live While The Other Survives”. How did the collaboration between you guys come about? How was it working with him?

The studio we went to he happened to work at so of course we were all excited cause we all are emery fans, I mean who isn’t? so we asked him to do guest vocals, so he is a pretty cool dude and said yes, it was pretty sweet work with him, he is a great singer! Nick is our good buddy and he has a great scream so we wanted it on our track. Make sure to check out Clocks they are one of the best progressive metal bands we've heard in a long time.

4. What’s the music scene like up in Illinois?

It’s a great music scene the people are all really cool, and we always have a great time at shows.

5. You guys just recorded a song with Matt Dalton and Craig Owen of D.R.U.G.S entitled “Suit Up”. When can we see a release of the track?

You can get a track as soon as they send it, we actually have a rough draft track that we can give you you.

6. For people coming out to see a live show of yours, what should they expect? Has their been a crowd favorite song?

They should expect a great energy, interations with the crowd for sure, and we get a better reaction from our song entitled “Deers Named Frank” because it’s a bouncey song that people can easily move to it.

7. How did the endorsements of Advocate Clothing, Arkaik Clothing, and Legionnaire Clothing, and Dirty Dudes Apparel come about?

We emailed them and had them check our stuff out, and they liked what they heard so the endorsed us. They all have great clothes. We love them.

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

Attila, Woe Is Me, Chunk No Captain Chunk, We Came As Romans, I The Breather, Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens, Close Your Eyes, DRUGS.

9. Out of the past shows you’ve had with bands such as Close Your Eyes, The Chariot and Sleeping Giant, is there one show that sticks out as just being plain awesome?

This last show we played with We Came As Romans, Attila, Sleeping With Sirens, and For All I Am, it was the most amount of people we played for, and the best energy so far. But all the shows we play are great to be honest.

10. What’s next for Through The Eyes Of A Giant?

To keep playing shows, Record more of our songs and hopefully a label comes from that, What more can we ask for

11. Any shoutouts?

We wanna shout out to Brad Tuttle at Seventh Sound studios for giving us our first start is recording music, SCP studios, and 37 Studios for working with us and Craig Owens. And all our locals friends out here.