-Review- What Wings Once Held - If Leaves Could Speak EP (1/2/12)

What Wings Once Held
Label: From The Depths Entertainment
From: Spokane, WA
If Leaves Could Speak
Release Date: 2011
Sounds like: We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria


Track Listing:

1. Forced Hellos
2. If I'm Peter, Who's Phil?
3. Dude What Happened Last Night and Why Am I Naked?
4. With Good Intentions Let's Head To Texas
5. I Can't Fly Well But I Can Glidewell
6. Rushed Goodbyes

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Let's be honest, blending emocore with synth isn't anything new. Whether it's the legends like Underoath or Enter Shikari or the newer bands like We Came As Romans or His Statue Falls, in order to catch people attention, you have to have your own style. What Wings Once Held albeit young, his the potential to be something special. They show their influences on the album but they mesh their music so well and the production is so good that it doesn't feel like a debut.

This being their debut EP, it shows the listener a ton of promise. "Forced Hellos" is an instrumental/synth 56 second intro to kick off the EP. The second track "If I'm Peter, Who's Phil" kicks things off with a bang. The song has everything: breakdowns, aggressive screaming, a tad of synth, a gang chant, driving melodic riffs and singing that is perfect. The track overall is very comparable to something that Heartshed would do. The third track "Dude What Happened Last Night and Why Am I Naked?" is a perfect example of What Wings Once Held. The song has a perfect blend of aggression and melody.

The fourth track "With Good Intentions Let's Head To Texas" has catchy riffs, a catchy chorus and any fan of catchy music should feel right at home with the track. The track "I Can't Fly Well But I Can Glidewell" starts off with a tad more synth than the other songs but it isn't any slouch in the breakdown or melody department. Any fan of "They're Only Chasing Safety" era Underoath should dig this track. "Rushed Goodbyes" is a buildup acoustic song that is comparable to a track done by We're Not Superheroes Anymore. The song has heart. The whole EP has heart. Heart is something we have to follow to succeed in life. If we don't, "we'll cease to exist".

Where What Wings Once Held goes musically is up to them. They show a lot on this EP and the production is phenomenal. They can run with the big boys if they keep evolving and continue to create their own style. The sky is the limit for this promising up and coming band.

Standout Tracks-
"If I'm Peter, Who's Phil?"
"What Happened Last Night And Why Am I Naked?"