-Interview- City Of The Weak (7/9/12)

City Of The Weak
Genre: Pop/punk/hardcore
Interviewed on: 7/9/12
From: St. Paul, MN
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1. How did the name City Of The Weak come from? Who thought of it? Does it mean anything in particular?

We had been agonizing for months over a name, came up with a lot of leads, but they all failed. Stef, the lead vocalist texted Ricky, the drummer one night with 'Conquer the City' and 'Day of the Weak' and Stef received a text back 'City of the Weak'. We went between the ideas of 'Taking the Saint' and 'City of the Weak' for a couple days until we got a show thrown at us, and we needed one right then and there. So we went with 'City of the Weak'.

Each of us alone are strong musicians, but on our own there's not a lot we can do. Together, we form a strong connection and musical bond that cannot be broken, changed, or replicated. Even though alone we are weak, together we are strong. We are a City of the Weak.

2. How would you describe your music to the average listener?

Eclectic grab bag of high energy rock. We range from punk to alternative to heavy rock to indie to punkcore. We each have our own set of influences, ranging from Blink-182 to August Burns Red to A Day to Remember to Paramore and everything in between. When we come together, there's not one genre you could possibly associate us with.

3. What’s your favorite track to perform live and why?

Stef - "Amateur Night VIP" because the song just tells a really deep, dark story in kind of a metaphorical fashion. I can really connect with the audience on it.

Jackson - "Better Than This" because the harmonies are so tangible and tight.

Taime - "White Fire Alarm" because it's a solid, well-written song with a message behind it. It could easily have crowd participation, and is just a great song to listen to.

Rory - "The Difference Between You and Me Is…" because the overall rhythm and flow of the song kicks ass as well as the transitions that drive it home.

Ricky - "The Difference Between You and Me Is..." because it's longer, has a dramatic change, and is overall sick to the max, yo.

4. What’s the music scene like there in Minnesota?

Plentiful around the twin cities. There's tons of music going on all the time of every style. It has it's advantages and disadvantages to up-and-coming artists like us.

5. What can people expect from the upcoming EP? Do you guys have a release date in mind?

Ballsy in-your-face lyrics & great music! We do not have a release date, hopefully by October we will have a five song, well-produced EP. Finding good producers is hard!

6. With having a female singer, do you think it has an automatic judgement on people or changes their perception of the band?

People's judgment goes from them saying 'Wow, they have awesome music!' to 'Wow, she's hot'! We feel like it's an advantage for sure, because it draws in the guys, and girls really look up to her as a strong, independent female role.

7. What are you guys currently listening to?

Stef - A Day to Remember, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Panic! at the Disco

Jackson - Boy Hits Car, Muse, old Linkin Park, The Dear Tracks

Taime - We Came As Romans, Brokencyde, Oh Sleeper

Rory - Disturbed, 5 Finger Death Punch, Volbeat

Ricky - A Verse Unsung, August Burns Red, Fall of Troy, Circa Survive

8. What can people expect from your live show?

High energy times ten, lots of stage antics, guyliner, big hair, unique style, crowd interaction, piercings, tattoos, and a nipple or two.

9. What’s your take on illegal/legal music downloading?

Stef & Jackson - Some artists intend to have their music downloaded for free. At the beginning of your career, your music should be accessible for free. Once you get to a certain point as an artist, it's important that you should be making money and people should be paying for your music.

Taime - People work hard to make their music, we should support the artist if at all possible. I would definitely prefer that people buy our music.

Rory - People will always find a way to get music for free. Bands should understand the current situation our business is in and rely on their live performances and improved merchandise to make money.

Ricky - It would be great if people got paid, but you can't fight what's happening. Not too worried about it.

10. What’s next for City Of The Weak?

WE WANT A TOUR!!!!!!! For sure!!! And definitely more, better recordings!

11. Any shoutouts?

As a Band: inIre, all of our awesome fans

Stef Huschka: Jesus, Brett Manning - you taught me how to sing, Rachel Holder, Steve Cole - your advice inspired me to just go for it, Josh Schneider - you worked your ass off accompanying me, you came to every show, and you believed in my career

Jackson: Julia Bendix - look at me now bitch, Amy Handigard, all my friends and family, Tom Loftus

Taime: Erik Christensen for being a sexy beast

Rory: Skylar Nahn - one day we're gonna make music together again

Ricky: Mom and Dad for believing in me