-Review- All We Are - If You're Not First, You're Last (7/16/12)

All We Are
From: Pittsburgh, PA
If You're Not First, You're Last
Release Date: 7/17/12
Sounds like: Pop/punk


Track Listing:

1. WTF
2. Someone Like You
3. All My Life
4. If You're Not First, You're Last
5. Meet Me On Deathridge
6. We Think We're Doing Fine
7. Time & Time Again
8. Represent As One
9. The Night Is Young
10. Another Wasted
11. Here We Go Again
12. We Are, We All, We Are

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The first track "WTF" has a Naked Gun sample in the beginning and serves as an intro with a pop/punk influenced breakdown controlling the whole song. The second track "Someone Like You" is extremely catchy and a good opening song to the album. It captivates the listener with its overall catchiness. "All My Life" opens with a guitar riff that builds up to the upbeat breakdown which almost brings to mind a pop punk version of Killswitch Engage's "The End Of Heartache". "If You're Not First, You're Last" is their first single and starts with a breakdown and guitar riff that is sure to get your head bobbing. The song is about being rebellious towards your significant others problems and so you just want to go out to have a good time to forget about her. Overall very good track. "Meet Me On Deathridge" kicks things back into gear with a fast tempo punkier rhythm. The chorus needs to be speedy so it can keep up with the overall pace of the song. The breakdown mixes things up and slows things down a bit. "We Think We're Doing Fine" keeps the high pace going but also keeps the quality tracks coming with gang chants, breakdowns, and pop punk at its finest.

The seventh song "Time & Time Again" has an awesome riff and drums that will get your head comparable to a bobble head doll. The breakdown halfway in the song is a surprise as its a tad heavier than expected. "Represent As One" will have you drumming along as it has music video written all over it. "The Night Is Young" could be a little stronger as it just feels a little tacked on. "Another Wasted" gets things moving again with the traditional All We Are formula and actually has a bridge that sounds like a sped up version of the verses to the Buggles classic "Video Killed The Radio Star". "Here We Go Again" is an acoustic song and seems more personal and relate-able to the listener. The closer "We Are, We All, We Are" is a good ending track and shows their style perfectly. It closes a debut full length album that should be enjoyed by any fan of pop punk.

If you like quality pop punk like New Found Glory, Four Year Strong or Fall Out Boy, All We Are is right up your alley. This full length album is 12 songs of awesome pop punk that is rarely seen on a debut album.

Standout Tracks-
"If You're Not First, You're Last"
"Represent As One"