-Interview- A Fallen Dream (7/25/12)

A Fallen Dream
Genre: Progressive metalcore
Interviewed on: 7/25/12
From: Suffolk, VA
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1. You’ve been doing music for awhile now, what can people expect from your new material? How hard is it to do music while overseas in the military?

Well from my new material, I would say it’s alot more mature than my older material. Ive grown to like A LOT more music than what I started listening to 4 years ago when I brought A Fallen Dream to life haha. Its definitely a lot more personal too. Overseas I would say its a lot harder to upload my music and keep my listeners up to date sometimes. Internet is so slow. I had to get a guy running a netlabel I’m on to upload the album art and the new song “Lotus” for me because the ships interent just wasn’t allowing me to do what I want. Making music though...has come somewhat easier to me. Before I was rushing myself to try and meet this “imaginary” deadline I had set for myself and some of the music I was putting out I didn’t like. On this deployment, I’m pacing myself and there are days where I’ve just had a bad day and need to play the guitar or come up with something and the song comes out great.

2. How many songs are you looking to have on the upcoming album? Have you gotten a release date/title in mind? I’m shooting for 12-13. Something different than what I’ve done in the past.

For the new full length I decided to call it Second Wind because I feel like I’m having a second chance at giving my music my full attention its almost as like being reborn. I wanted to somewhat start over and give A Fallen Dream a new look and have the music feel different but also the listeners would be able to tell its still my work. Also at home and before the deployment I was going through personal issues, somewhat depressed, not making music as much and I felt like I wasn’t myself which also reflected on my music. For the release date I don’t have one yet. My deployment got extended again haha.I still have to other production work to do as well. And ALSO I might possibly have vocalist besides myself. Not set yet though.

3. How would you describe your music to the average listener?

Progressive influences Between the Buried and Me to Post-rock Explosions In the Sky and This Will Destroy You. I want the audience to enjoy a bit of everything. I listen to Trip-Hop, Ambient, Death Metal, Hip Hop, Progressive Metal, Electronic music ALL of it! And I want people to recognize it in the music. I collect influneces from just about anything.

4. What do you want listeners to take away from listening to your music?

That they just listened to something that someone truly poured their heart into. This full length will be my first personal release, I have some upbeat songs and I also have songs that are a bit more down tempo than the previous because they reflect my mood. I’ve always had theme to each one of my releases and I hope that once I release Second Wind that the listeners will have an idea of what I was feeling through the music I created.

5. When are you looking to play shows again? What can people expect from your live show?

The last time I played a show was at a friends Halloween party, I had played a few songs and then “DJ”ed with the music on my itunes (I have so much music haha) and before that was with my old band Sweeney Tod in high school. Its been years since I’ve played a legit show. But I ache to be back onstage and let people enjoy my music live. A Fallen Dream show expectations....Hopefully with some practice I want people to walk out of venues saying “Wow that band was amazing, something different than what I expected” I want my shows to be something that listeners can’t stop talking about. That’s my personal goal.

6. What’s your take on the music scene nowadays?

Personally I feel I can’t say much about in my local area. I’ve been a solo act with some members in and out for like 4 years now. So I’m not so much in the loop as I use to be. There a few bands that I have favorited in my area and looking forward to hearing their new work. I’m not sure if its me or its actually happening but sometimes I do here recycled stuff alot. Every now and then I come across bands that I absolutely love that aren’t signed and wondering to myself “Why aren’t you signed? I’m waiting for a full length!”

7. What’s your take on illegal music downloading?

Everyone’s done it. I feel bad about it. But I seriously can’t wait for new music to come out all the time so when I see something from a band that I like thats out earlier than the release date I tend to download it, then when it comes out I purchase it. These days alot of bands get their money from shows and merch and everything else. I’ve always distributed my music for free and I’m sure that when I do decide to charge my listeners for my music that my music will be downloaded illegaly as well, however I don’t agree with people downloading others bands stuff then selling at their own expense. Illegeal music downloading will unfortunately always be around though.

8. Who are three artists you’d love to tour with?

DEFTONES cant get enough of those guys, Incubus, and Misery Signals.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Elitist, Minus the Bear, Deftones, Glass Cloud, BTBAM, Cynic, Trifonic.

10. What’s next for A Fallen Dream?

I hope to look for more band members. Its a weird situation right now. I’m trying to separate the Navy so I can focus full time on music full time. I plan to move to Orlando, FL and go to Full Sail University within the next year and I don’t want to look for members in VA when I’m going to FL (don’t want to waste anyones time) I want to live that dream of being a musicians and doing what you love. Nowadays I’m glad that I make music under the name A Fallen Dream because I don’t want my music to be A Fallen Dream and its a constant reminder that I should do what I love.

11. Any shoutouts?

Justin and Alex from Kitty On Fire Records, Brandon Casto from War Torn Angel, Zachary Wayne Norman from Beyond Our Eyes all of my fans that have been with me since my first netlabel release Two Sides To Every Brain and the new ones I’ve met along the way. And all of the promotion pages I’ve posted on that have shared my music. :D