-Interview- Glory Divine (8/3/12)

Glory Divine
Genre: Christian melodic metalcore
Interviewed on: 8/3/12
From: Milwaukee, WI
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1. How did the band come about and form? How did your first few shows go?

This band literally formed together alone by the Holy Spirit just leading everything to it's place at the exact time it needed to happen, It's truly amazing. The first few shows were amazing so electrifying and emotional and just all together lovely and we cannot wait to tour the world!

2. How would you describe your music to the average listener?

They'll think it different, nothing that they have ever heard or experienced before, very strong spiritual music.

3. What’s your favorite track to perform live and why?

I know it's typical but we just all love every song so much, but honestly I would say just by a tiny ounce would be "In His Light" The atmosphere just becomes so alive when we perform that song, especially when we really proclaim the good news and truly connect with the crowd before that song.

4. What’s the music scene like there in Milwaukee?

It's good, nothing too crazy going on here, we just really wish bands would put more time into their music instead of throwing the first song that sounds decent to them out there, so generic is a good word for it, but with that we're so excited to tour the world and meet/play with bands who are truly passionate with their music as we are.

5. When can people expect the upcoming EP? Do you guys have a release date in mind?

We're currently only having a 3 song EP but you can expect a change in people immediately in their heart when they listen to our music, We truly are just instruments being used for only one purpose, and are more than excited for all the world to hear. As far as release dates go in the next coming months or so.

6. With having strong Christian views, does that draw any criticism from fans?

You get your typical crowd who are always stuck in that state of mind, but the funny thing is we have already broken through some of those people and they actually would come up to us in tears just thanking us for sharing our words and music that we proclaim every show. Honestly if your enemies persecute you, then rejoice because this whole world persecuted Christ so that obviously means we're completely are and will continue to be on the right track.

7. Who are some of your musical influences?

We know people find it typical but the only influence we truly have is the Holy Spirit. As far as music goes, each member has a large variety of so many different styles and genres we listen to, but we all definitely are incredibly supportive of any and every Christian band out there sharing the Good news. We are always blasting so many different styles of music, you can go from For Today, to Lights, to some boy band in a matter of minutes!

8. What can people expect from your live show?

We can tell you that from when you came in to the show to when you leave, you will not be the same person, you will experience inner and out changes so strongly that it's impossible to ignore, every show we just welcome the Holy Spirit and have Him lead us to whatever he desires to use us for in any way shape or form, We're literally just empty vessels being filled with the Good news to share to this world.

9. What’s your take on illegal/legal music downloading?

Honestly, everybody does it or has done it before. In this ever changing music industry it's kind if a part of it. As long as the music is getting out there thats all that matters.

10. What’s next for Glory Divine?

Tours, shirts, CD's, labels, more fans, more labels, more tours, Taco Bell, new equipment, new lights, mansions, riches, favor, families, children, living the abundant life, and every other blessing that comes with it.

11. Any shoutouts?

Our Holy Father in Heaven, Our Holy Brother in Heaven, and Our Holy Friend leading us right now, Derek Moffat at 608 Studios, the vocalist brother Isaiah, all Christian bands who are sharing the Good news to this world, and of course From the Depths Entertainment! God bless you all and just thank you all for sowing into this harvest.