-Interview- Nothing Is Sacred (8/4/12)

Nothing Is Sacred
Genre: Metalcore
Interviewed on: 8/4/12
From: Newcastle, Australia
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1. How did the band come together and form? Any meaning behind the name “Nothing Is Sacred”?

Well the four of us (not including Scott) had been good mates for years before forming the band and we were actually in a band together a few years before Nothing Is Sacred. We had been playing in different bands for a while and just decided that we wanted to start up a new band together. Once the band was formed, we decided the band needed a second guitarist and that’s when we were introduced to Scott, we got him to come along to a rehearsal and we knew straight away that he was what we were looking for. The meaning behind the name ‘Nothing Is Sacred’ is basically that you can’t take anything for granted in life because nothing lasts forever and more times than not, you have to do the hard yards before you come to terms with that. Also, it sounds cool haha.

2. You guys recently played a show at the Cambridge Hotel, how did it go? How’s the bassist search going?

Yeah the Cambo show wasn’t the best turn out but we got to share the stage with some awesome bands and made some new friends so all in all it was a good night.
The bassist search is going good, we have found someone who seems really keen on filling the
position so we are excited about welcoming him into the band.

3. What do you want people to take away from the EP?

We really just want people to hear what we have to offer and get a taste of what we are about. In our opinion the most important thing that someone can take away from the EP is an interest in Nothing Is Sacred, this means more to us then anything else.

4. What’s your favorite track to play live and why?

"Ash On The Horizon" would have to be our favourite song to play live because it is our most well known song by our fans and it has the most crowd participation. It’s an easy song for the crowd to get involved in and this makes it a lot of fun for us playing it live.

5. What can people expect from your live show?

A lot of energy, a lot of mic grabs, a huge sound, and a tight performance.

6. What’s the music scene like there both locally and nationally in Australia?

The metal/hardcore scene is not that big in Newcastle, but nationally it’s pretty big. Once you travel south a couple of hours and get into Sydney, the metal/hardcore scene is quite large.

7. What do you think of the metalcore scene in general?

It’s definitely evolving, we have so many bands these days doing the metalcore thing and incorporating the electronic and/or the melodic influence into their music. Also image has become a big part of it as well and due to this, the scene has lost a fair bit of it’s originality. But in saying that, there are so many great bands out there that are of the metalcore genre.

8. If there was three bands you could tour with, who would they be?

That’s a hard question because we all have slightly different influences so the three bands are probably different for each one of us but we would have to say definitely Bleeding Through and probably Parkway Drive and Killswitch Engage.

9. How would you describe your music to the average listener?


10. What’s next for Nothing Is Sacred?

Well at the moment we are concentrating on finding a permanent replacement for Liam on the bass, then we are looking at going back into the studio and recording a 6 track EP to follow up from our 3 track that we recorded earlier in the year.

11. Any shoutouts?

Yeah, just want to say cheers to anyone who has taken the time to show any interest in our band, it means the world to us and we are so grateful to those who have given us their support. We also want to give a shout out to Rhys Zacher from Spinlight Studio, every promoter and booking agent that has given us the chance to play on his or her stage, every band that we have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with, and our boys in Lycanthrope!