-Review- Lies Upon The Innocent - Extinction Of Humanity (8/7/12)

Lies Upon The Innocent
From: Stockton, CA
Sounds like: Melodic metalcore


Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Bringer Of The Dead
3. Awaken Me
4. Paranoid Delusions
5. Extinction Of Humanity
6. Tainted Earth (FTW)

Listen here

Be prepared to get dancing again in California! The opening track of the EP "Intro" is one big breakdown which is sure to be a good opener at a live show. Then starts "Bringer Of The Dead" which may bring to mind earlier Bring Me The Horizon or even Darkest Hour. The riffs keep the track going as it charges ahead full force to all the senses. "Awaken Me" slows things down a bit in the beginning but then it builds to a deathcore/thrash style track that is sure to get anyones head banging and singing along to its clean sung chorus. With elements such as guitar solos, clean vocals, gang chants and massive breakdowns, the track is superb. "Paranoid Delusions" is a good track as it keeps the flow of the EP moving. It has mostly breakdowns and is sure to get the crowd moving with its driving riffs and its awesome vocals. The title track "Extinction Of Humanity" is a song that can hold up to the big boys in the scene. These guys can sure make melodic metalcore that far exceeds expectations. "Tainted Earth (FTW)" closes out the EP and it closes the EP quite well, It's fast, heavy and melodic. These 6 tracks are a great introduction to the masses about what Lies Upon The Innocent are about.

Lies Upon The Innocent is a young band from California that has all the potential to become a force within the metalcore scene. Their "Extinction Of Humanity" EP is well produced, fast, heavy, catchy and overall just unleashes a force upon the scene.

Standout Tracks-
"Bringer Of The Dead"
"Awaken Me"