-Review- Faith In Jane - Faith In Jane EP (2014)

Faith In Jane
From: Thurmont, MD
Sounds like: Doom Metal

Faith In Jane is a doom metal band from Maryland looking to solidify their name in the metal scene. They play their brand of doom metal that encompasses the listener into a journey of a dark, atmospheric world of metal. The first track "Jane" opens up to an almost bluesy, Pink Floyd type riff and feel. The track is a straight instrumental opener. The second track "Antietam" cranks it up a notch immediately with an almost southern twang. The track will make your foot pound with its catchy riffs and instrumentation. The vocal work done here is an almost grunge/metal mixture that really works. The guitar solo on the track is very good showcasing of the talents of the band. "Brethren Of The Coast" has an definite live feel to it as you can just imagine the crowd singing back the words. The closing part of the track has an almost 311 type outro. "Breathe Thru Silver" is the next track and closing in at over 13 minutes, it's the longest track on the EP. Everything within this track is a perfect example of the Faith In Jane sound. It may seem long but once you start listening, the overall talent of the band really shines through. "The Sorcerer" is next and has a dash of A Perfect Circle in it. The track is a very solid track. "Worship Of The Sun/Apophis" closes out the EP. The track as well as the EP are solid offerings to the listeners ears. It's amazing to hear the poteintal this band has with their signature sound.

Faith In Jane have a lot going for them. Their songs are a welcome addition to the world of metal music and is sure to strike a chord of any metal head looking for a fresh new metal sound to listen to.