-Review- Dust N' Flames - At Your Own Risk EP (2014)

From: Milan, Italy
Sounds like: Hard Rock

Italian rockers Dust N' Flames are bring back that arena rock to the global rock scene. The EP kicks off with the Billy Idol inspired "Dr.(H)ugs". The song is full of catchy rock that has a killer chorus and is just a good song to rock out to. "Eva Anger" is a tad heavier but has a southern twang to it. The track brings to mind Guns & Roses as the song has a driving force of rock behind it with strong vocals. The song could surely be played on the radio even over here in the states. "Holy Demon" brings the tone down a bit and is a bit somber. It's definitely the "hold up your lighters/cell phones" up song off the EP. The track is outstanding and should be heard by anyone and everyone that's a fan of rock music. It's six minutes of pure passion, awesome instrumentation and one of the best pure rock songs we've heard in quite some time. "Firebirds" kicks things back into high gear with it's opening guitar riff. The riff is surely to get stuck in your head and the chorus will get you singing along. "Death Loves U Man" closes out the EP with more Dust N' Flames rock. The track really brings the EP to a close nicely. The EP is scary good from the new kings of Italy rock Dust N Flames.

Dust N' Flames has an extremely good rock album here. While many might compare them to Blessed By A Broken Heart, Dust N' Flames has their own style and aren't trying to be anyone but Dust N' Flames. Italy is sure representing in Dust N' Flames. Rock music is global and Dust N' Flames is making some awesome rock music. Rock fans rejoice and listen!