-Review- The Harlequin State - Destroy//Rebuild (2014)

From: Anchorage, AK
Sounds like: Metalcore/Post Hardcore

Simply put, go listen to this EP right now. The Harlequin State are not messing around. The EP opens up with "Skeletons" which is a little less than two minute passionate introduction track which we could see being a pretty cool opener on their live set. The track features a a good mix of a post hardcore sound with a twinge of metal. The next track "Backlash" is a more upbeat almost speed metal sound to start off. The song then veers into a more traditional hardcore sense with its breakdowns. The song is a real treat and could be seen as a crowd favorite with all the awesome traits within. "Lost Hills" kicks in with a more post hardcore sound and has a definite It Prevails sound to it. It's got melodic overtones and is just a solid track that clocks in at a little over 5 minutes. The ending of the track actually has a Howard Jones type feel to it. The last track on the EP is the track they shot a music video for in "Destroy//Rebuild". The track is more melodic and features clean singing. The track is the catchiest song on the EP. The track is a frenzy of melody, crushing vocals and a hardcore mentality that is sure to appease anyone in the crowd. Whether you sing along or dance to the track, it showcases the talent of the band perfectly. Excellent EP from Alaska's newest explosive import The Harlequin State.

The Harlequin State are the real deal. This EP is a great sense of things to come. The EP features 16 minutes of a hybrid sound of post hardcore, metal, hardcore that is just brimming with potential.