-Review- Centura - "Amerigeddon"

Charleston, SC thrash metal band Centura get their "Amerigeddon" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Charleston, SC
Sounds like: Thrash Metal

To preface this review, Centura's "Amerigeddon" EP was produced by themselves and mastered by the great Jamie King who also has produced/mastered other bands such as Between The Buried And Me, For Today and Motionless In White. He was also in one of our favorite (very underrated) broken up bands Swift. If you've heard a Jamie King mastered or produced album, you know the expectations are to be quality work. The EP opens great with the fast thrash sound of the title track "Amerigeddon". The frantic tempo and aggression in the five minute track is something to hear. The melodic section near the end the track is very early Metallica like. "Prostitution Of The Constitution" comes in like a swift haymaker to the chin. This seven minute track goes quickly for the jugular at only the second song. Within the first twelve minutes of the EP (1/3 of the way through) is extreme high intensity. The breakdown on the second track will create chaos. "Warfare Isn't Fair" brings to mind God Forbid as its more melodic but still devastating. "Universal Healthscare" keeps the melody there as it treads into a more early All That Remains sound. "Defying Their Gravity" can be seen as a crowd favorite and circle pit creator. "One Nation Under Fraud" closes out the EP. The track featured stellar guitar solos and overall just a killer metal track.

The production on this EP is fantastic and the listener should be excited about Centura's new upcoming music. The Centura sound is crushing. If you like your metal hard and fast, this should be right up your alley. This EP from Centura brings Armageddon to metal heads eardrums.