-Review- From The Wolves - "MMXIV"

Calgary, Alberta, Canada metalcore band From The Wolves get their "MMXIV" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sounds like: Metalcore

Calgary, Alberta, Canada metalcore band From The Wolves are coming out the gate with authority as their "MMXIV" EP is looking to shake things up in the fastily growing stale genre of metalcore. "Sheep" opens the EP with a sheer intensity that brings to mind early The Ghost Inside or Stick To Your Guns. "Legacy" will make the two steppers happy with its fast pace. The breakdowns and bridge in the track bring to mind early From Autumn To Ashes. "Antagonist" brings a more metal side to the forefront. The track just crushes everything in its path and could be seen as a crowd favorite. The last track "Continual" brings to mind melodic hardcore bands and you can feel the passion throughout the two minute track. The track is the catchiest track on the EP in terms of melody but there is no clean singing throughout either the track or EP. The track is great and the only downfall of the track and EP is that it's too short.

If you want a quality metalcore release with newer material coming in the Spring (which if its better than this will be scary good) then pick up this EP. It's free and should be on every metalcore fans playlist. The EP is short, sweet and to the point clocking in at only around ten minutes. There's no reason to not check out this quality EP.