-Review- In Your Memory - "Reflections" EP

Washington, DC post hardcore band In Your Memory get their "Reflections" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Washington, DC
Sounds like: Post Hardcore

Simply put to start things off: In Your Memory have put out the post hardcore EP of 2014. "Layers Of Lies" kicks things off with a very uptempo pitch. A music video for the track recently came out and shows a little glimpse of the high energy and overall laid back humor of the band. The track is full of catchy post hardcore which brings to mind early Secret Lives Of The Freemasons. The guitar solo near the end of the track is fresh and proves that In Your Memory can take it up a notch when they want to. The next track and the first single is "Breaking The Habits". The track keeps up the pace and shows why it was chosen as the first single. The alternative rock mixed with post hardcore is in the vein of Glassjaw and keeps the sound they helped pioneer alive. The last track (unfortunately) is "Karma". The post hardcore sound is still kicking and its Thrice like tendencies throughout the track kick up your adrenaline level to its max throughout the four minute track.

In Your Memory should be on your playlist. Stop reading this right now and download their "Reflections" EP and get used to In Your Memory being in your ear for a long time coming. Three songs is not enough. Whether it's their explosive live show or their EP, In Your Memory deserves your attention.