-Review- Within Sight - "The Distance Traveled"

Vancouver, Washington based punk/metal band Within Sight get their "The Distance Traveled" album reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Vancouver, WA
Sounds like: Punk/Metal

Within Sight is a Washington based punk/metal band that just recently released their "The Distance Traveled" album. With comparisons to Endwell, Killswitch Engage Bullet For My Valentine and even Atreyu, Within Sight is a force to be reckoned with on this album. "Intro" starts things off with a stormy atmospheric buildup track that sets the tone early. "The Path Before You" steps right in and kicks you in the face with its early Killswitch Engage inspired sound. Very fast, heavy and melodic stuff here on the track. "Three Years Til Now" opens with softer guitar work and veers into an alternative rock sound combined with the speed of a punk rock track. There's an early Bullet For My Valentine vibe on the track as its killer riffs and melody are incredible and seamless. The guitar work especially is stellar. "Revival" is a straight up no frills melodic metal track that brings to mind Atreyu with its awesome breakdowns and melody. "The Distance Traveled" is the lead single off the album and is a track full of passion and excitement. The track is extremely catchy and well worthy of the music video they made for it. "Forced To Be Reckoned With" is a driving track that really speeds up the pace of the album. Its pure metal ferocity shifts into vintage Slipknot territory as its a very heavy and fast track. "Respect What Others Don't" really has a Endwell inspired sound to it as the clean singing, lyrical content and driving guitar drums and breakdowns are enough to sway "Homeland Insecurity" fans onto Within Sight without a problem. "My Words Against Yours" keeps everything tight and organized as its a very solid melodic punk/metal track. "I'd Rather Meet Your Ghost" will get listeners heads bopping along to the sweet sound of fury that Within Sight unleash on this track. The melody combined with the guitar riffs easily make it the most accessible and catchy track on the album. The melodic punk rock sound is front and center on the track and mixed with the crunchy metal guitars is a truly remarkable sound that few bands can truly pull off as good as this. "Casting Shadows" is a perfect track fit alongside a fan of Bury Tomorrow as its extremely heavy and proves the band can keep up with the current wave of melodic metal bands. "Above All Else" is the closing track on this monumental album. The immediate melody and overall vibe of the track ends the album on a perfect note. Everything on the track and album just works and works extremely well.

Within Sight have released a masterpiece of an album. Dashes of punk, metal, and hardcore infiltrate the listeners eardrums. It won't be long until Within Sight are placed beside the heavy hitters of the scene.