-Review - Darkstone Crows - "Darkstone Crows" EP

Toronto, Canada based metal band Darkstone Crows gets their "Darkstone Crows" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Toronto, Canada
Sounds like: Hard Rock/Metal

Canadian female fronted metal band Darkstone Crows released this EP back in June. "Hell To Pay" opens up the EP with a strong guitar riff which then leads into female melodic vocals and drums. The song then starts driving into high gear with a Halestorm type tenacity. The guitar solo in the track is really amazing. It's an awesome opening track that really hooks in the listener. "Sidewinder" comes in with a bang and really brings things to a hard rock edge. The southern rock influence really works well in the track. "Deadhead" keeps things going at a high clip. The track is sure to get the crowd moving and the pit going. The track is relentless and really shines. "Fathoms" closes up the EP with a bang. The high adrenaline and melody on the track is something truly special. Rock radio is sure to get a kick in the face with a track and EP like this.

This is their first EP and for a debut, it's pretty damn good. The production is top notch and with the different variations of metal and hard rock contained within, it's sure to please any listener of the genres.