-Review- Life As Lions - "Rock Is Back" EP

Los Angeles, CA rock band Life As Lions gets their "Rock Is Back" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Los Angeles, CA
Sounds like: Rock

Recently people have been doubting rock music's ability to captivate audiences anymore. Needless to say that Life As Lions are looking to change that thinking and prove that rock music hasn't gone anywhere. If anything, this EP shows that rock is alive and well."Goode Co." opens the EP with high tempo. The track has really high energy throughout. It's extremely catchy and with a crazy guitar solo and sure to be an audience clapping participation part to boot, this track has got it going on. "Recovery" veers into Jimmy Eat World territory with its emotionally charged pop rock sound. "Control" closes things out with another high intensity track. The track brings to mind early Foo Fighters as it really has a way to stick to your head with its infectious melodies.

Life As Lions really know rock music. All three of these tracks could be singles on their own. This EP is sure to get stuck in your head for days. Rock definitely is back and better than ever with these guys around.