-Review" Imbrium - "Fire" EP

Fairhope, AL metalcore band Imbrium gets their "Fire" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Fairhope, AL
Sounds like: Metalcore

Imbrium are a young metalcore band from Alabama that is quickly moving up the ranks of the metalcore scene. Let's see if their expansive metalcore sound hits all the right notes on this EP. "And Romeo Said To Juliet..." gets the testosterone going quickly as the circle pit inducing melodic metalcore starts things off perfectly. The melody mixed with the breakdowns brings to mind early Haste The Day. The guitar riff interlaced with the breakdown in the track is something to behold. "Reflection" starts off with a piano introduction which then leads into a synth laden melodic metalcore track. The track brings to mind The Browning in the way it creates an awesome diverse sound of different forms of metalcore. "Pete Zahman 2 Extra Cheesy" comes in harsh and never lets up. The track intends to destroy everything in its path. The clean vocals on the chorus make a memorable chorus that is sure to get a bunch of sing alongs. The synth breakdowns on the track meanwhile will get the dance floors cracking and bring to mind more recent His Statue Falls. "I Wish My Grass Was Emo" starts off with a bit of electronic which gives way to a breakdown. The track is sure to be a fan favorite as its heavy and soft in all the right parts. "Como Te Llamas" closes out the EP in premier form. The track really knows how to wrap everything up in a tight package. It's fast, heavy and really knows how to throw down. The track is stellar as just like the rest of the EP, it goes for the jugular and doesn't want to let go easy. Once the track and EP are finished, you'd no doubt want to repeat it all over again.

Short and simple, Imbrium is the best thing to come out of Alabama since Crimson Tide football. This is an top notch EP for fans of metalcore. If you're looking for depth and pure talent in your metalcore, look no further as Imbrium is the band you're looking for.