-Review- Neverlyn - "Stuck In The Moment" Album

Livermore, CA pop punk band Neverlyn gets their "Stuck In The Moment" album reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Livermore, CA
Sounds like: Pop/Punk

This is the recent full length album from the all girl alternative rock/pop punk band Neverlyn. This album was produced by Shane Gould of the band The Animal In Me. "Reckless Abandonment" starts things off with a high pop punk flavor. The song has traces of New Found Glory as it knows how to take things a tad heavier at times bit still makes a catchy as hell pop punk song. "Texts I'll Never Send" keeps thing going at a high energy and catchy clip. "Right, Wright?" has shades of early Paramore and has all the makings of setting radio on fire. "Sick And Tired" will have the live crowd craving for. The quick catchy chorus of the track will surely get stuck in your head for days. "Go Home And Watch TV" is a fast punk rock song that is quite bouncy and will sure to get the live crowd jumping along. Be sure to prepare yourself for the breakdown near the end though. It's quite awesome. "College" keeps the album rolling with its pop punk tendencies. "Six Months Too Late" hits the halfway mark of the album. The track hits its stride and is amazing thing to hear that seven songs in, the album still feels just as fresh as track one. "White Noise" starts off sounding like it's adjusting radio stations and then leads into a very good rock song. It features such a contagious chorus that you're sure to sing along. "Wasting Time, Wasting Life" is a highly inspirational track for anyone who may be down. The positive lyrics coupled with the high intensity is such a tremendous track to hear. "Rooftops" is a highly melodic rock song and yearns for a music video. The pop rock influence is high on the track but really showcases the real natural pop sound with the band. "12th Year Anthem" doesn't hold anything back. The track is fast, punk, melodic and gets things back to the signature Neverlyn catchy sound. "Lucifer" is simply put just a track you should hear right away. It sure is a "hurricane" of wonderful sound for your eardrums. "Fireball" features Tony Geravesh of Stickup Kid and is the longest track on the album. The track features dual vocals and is highly emotional almost acoustic track. The track works wonderfully and is one of the great closing tracks. "Sick And Tired" is a bonus acoustic track from an early track. The track is a nice bonus and really compliments the original track quite nicely.

Neverlyn has a tremendous full length on their hands here. The album is well produced and is a wonderful addition to the pop punk music scene. Every song on this album has the potential to be a single, it's THAT good. If you're a pop punk fan, check these girls out and welcome to your new favorite band.