-Review- Red Light Compliance - "Dead Youth" Album

Chicago, IL punk band Red Light Compliance gets their "Dead Youth" album reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Chicago, IL
Sounds like: Punk Rock

Red Light Compliance released this full length last year in 2014. While they're working on new music, let's take a look back and see if their album should be on the radar of punk fans. "Plain Sight" kicks things off the right way as the track quickly gets to the point of the infectious pop punk rock sound that Red Light Compliance bring to the table. "The Seam" brings that summertime punk sound to light. The sun is shining and the track should be blaring while the windows are rolled down all the way. It's a fantastic track that knows how to keep it up in all the right ways. "Surgery" begins with a great guitar riff which then explodes into a wall of sound. The rock sound that's prevalent on the track is different from the previous tracks. It's a wonderful rock track that keeps things rocking at a high energy throughout its not even three minute length. "Better Left Unsaid" opens with a "Batman" movie sound clip which sets the tone early with its chaotic punk sound. The melody and driving sound really makes the track stand out. The track is remarkable and brings to mind Four Year Strong or Every New Day. "Honest" is the longest track on the album clocking in at almost five minutes. The track never gets boring and includes a great guitar solo halfway through. "I'll Be Ready In Fifteen With A Suitcase In Hand (George Bailey)" is a fantastic punk track and should be heard by punk fans everywhere. "Vaccine" is more bouncy and brings to mind early Fall Out Boy with its catchy melodies and pop punk influences. "Fader" continues the onslaught of high melody and pop punk sound. The track is full of passion, emotion and an sound that's catchy as hell. "Dead Youth" is the title track on the album and has single written all over it. Stop what you're doing and listen to this track now. It's sure to get stuck in your head with its chorus and incredible instrumentation. "So, How Are You?" is an acoustic track that brings to the forefront of the true emotion and talent of the band. "Company To Keep" takes things back up to the catchy rock sound. Its's a track that really sets it own rules and is just an outstanding rock song overall. "You've Got The Blood, I've Got The Time" closes out the album the way it began, a hard hit of punk rock sound to the eardrums. It's a shame that the album has to end but with new music on the horizon, it won't be long until you hear a lot more from these guys.

Red Light Compliance has got it going on. Their sound mixes punk, post hardcore and rock into a full length that's enough to hold over a punk fan until their next release. You shouldn't wait to check these guys out. They're bringing punk back one catchy chorus at a time.