-Review- Skies Turn Black - "Skies Turn Black" EP

Manchester, UK hard rock/metal band Skies Turn Black gets their "Skies Turn Black" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Manchester, UK
Sounds like: Hard Rock/Metal

Three song sampler on Soundcloud

Order the entire EP on iTunes here.

Skies Turn Black just unleashed this EP onto the world. With six songs full of hard rock/metal, it's time that the world knows Skies Turn Black. "Smoke And Mirrors" opens with a nice sweet guitar riff which then transitions into a full blown cavalcade of sound. The track brings to mind Avenged Sevenfold mixed with Iron Maiden. It's a great opening track that really kicks things off nicely. "Life Goes On" takes things on a bit of a slower sound. The tropical opening which then kicks over to a more metal sound is something special. The catchy hard rock metal sound bring to mind an early Nu metal sound akin to Saliva or Flybanger. It's a track that really knows how to keep it heavy and melodic. "Cold" explodes right off the bat with a high energy that takes the EP to a high level. It's an incredible track that brings to mind the more recent sound of Blessed By A Broken Heart. "Play The Game" is a rockin' good time of a track. The track will get the head bobbin and the foot tappin with its high octane sound. "Choking On Air" keeps things going on a nice rocking, melodic clip. The fast pace of the track combined with the vocals really makes the track shine bright. The chorus is top notch and really sounds like it'd be a perfect fit for rock radio. "Departure" ends the EP on a high note. The track really finishes things off perfectly. It's such an awesome EP from start to finish.

Skies Turn Black have really paved their own path in the rock/metal scene with this EP. They bring their unique sound to the forefront. It's a great thing to hear a band that has such a refreshing take on the genres.