-Review- These Thousand Hills - "No Soul Left Silenced" EP

These Thousand Hills hit all the right notes with their unique style of rock in their new EP.


From: West Sussex, UK
Sounds like: Rock

These Thousand Hills from the UK are a band that are going places. Their recent "No Soul Left Silenced" EP is filled with enough diversity that will surely please any rock fan. "Impending Storm" kicks things off with a hard rock style which features some tremendous breakdowns and infectious melodies. The track keeps things interesting as its ending is a real treat for fans of slower, powerful breakdowns. "Nothing To Fear" has a bit of System Of A Down like qualities to it as it's a bit bouncy and fast. It's a different sound compared to the previous track but it still works and really showcases the abilities of the band in creating a different style. "Purple Eyelashes" has an almost punk feel to it. The track is fast and a stand out track for anyone looking for something a bit faster. "We Don't Care At All" brings back the classic rock sound. The track is a testament to the 70's rock sound as it features melody and riffs that will melt your face off. "Broken Chains" is the closer and was a single off the EP. The track shows why it was chosen as a single as it immediately hooks in the listener. The track brings to mind A Perfect Circle as it hits all the right strides in every note. It's a fantastic closer to an incredible EP.

These Thousand Hills have their own unique style of rock. Rock fans should eat this EP up like crazy.