-Interview- Count Vanni (8/25/18)

Count Vanni talks about his new full length album, collabs and much more.


From: Nassau County, NY
Sounds like: Hip Hop

1. What's new?

Finally got Psych Assessment out, getting some positive reception. Started mentoring my good friend Mister Twist, and started a podcast with him and Buz called the Half Hour Golden Shower. Still writing and recording some demos. Finally, I’m being featured on Justin Symbols upcoming Star Daddy album.

2. How did the name "Psych Assessment" for your album come about?

The reason the album started was a way to regain control over my mental health. The point of doing it was to take a step back and try to take control of my emotions. That’s where the title came from.

3. What made you choose the guests on the album like you did?

It was mostly just keeping the creation of this album in my circle, only letting certain people have their air time. It was, in fact, a way of self help. So I only took the ones that I felt comfortable with with me.

4. What do you want listeners to take away from the album?

Art is interpretive. If I put it out and 100 people hear 100 different meanings, that’s perfect.

5. Any music videos in the works?

Considering a video for my remix of the hills currently.

6. How did the selection of the beats come about? Who produced the album?

I just listened to beats and if something inspired me it made the cut. It wasn’t anything crazy. I gotta give credit to Buz Bomb and Ryan D’Amico for their creative insight and for recording me.

7. How did the diss track to Nicky Scarz come about?

He’s accused me of trying to take money from him, called me out trying to fight me on social media, dissed me as an artist and fucked with my friends. He’s on my shit list cuz he’s a wannabe and a toxic person.

8. What's next for Count Vanni?

Not sure. The futures a strange place. Definitely more music.

9. Any shoutouts?

Everyone who took part in the creation of the album, my family, my friends, my fellow creators...thank you all for sticking with me on this journey.