-Review- Refract - "Secular Pudding" Album

Refract take you along a Progressive Rock journey via their newest album..


From: Petaluma, CA
Sounds like: Progressive/Alternative Rock

"Pyramid" opens up the album in grand fashion as it kicks into high gear with some high tempo and melody right away. The track glides along a nice steady Progressive Rock path and creates a solid listener experience right away. "Euphoria" features some incredible guitar work. The track is infectious with everything it has to offer and should be a fan favorite in no time. "Under The Rotting Sun" slows things down a bit into a more subdued level. It cranks up during the chorus and shows off some modern Incubus vibes. "Transparency" gets things back to a crunchy, hard hitting level. The track lays it all out there and elevates the pace and heaviness of the album with its Tool like sound. The title track is next and it's purely instrumentation until the one minute mark. The riffs and melodies are plentiful on the track for sure but it could be shortened up a bit in length. "Hundredth Monkey" sets a Tool like mood right from the start. The track has things going for it but it never really lets loose until later in the track. "Abeyance" hits a different stride and it's Progressive Rock through and through. Fans of the genre should really dig this one up. "The Goog" is a perfect track on what the band creates with their signature sound. The track features tuns and tons of depth and should be appreciated by any listener of Rock music. "On The Blacktop" is a minute and a half interlude track that breaks things up nicely and sets up the ending of the album. "Tekaru" is a near ten minute track that goes off. The track somehow keeps things refreshing though its run time and really shows some incredible layers with its riffs, vocals and melodies. Shades of A Perfect Circle are pretty abundant on the track as well. "Anhedonia" is upbeat from the get go and doesn't let up. The high energy track mixes high octane Rock with melodic vocals and everything works perfectly. This has Rock radio written all over it. "Aisle 3" closes out the album with a nine and a half minute romp through the minds of the band. It's an epic track and really puts a big bow on the entire album.

Refract take you along a Progressive Rock journey via their newest album.