From The Depths Entertainment September 2017 Playlist

The Fall season creeps in with a healthy sprinkling of some of the best acts from around the world.


1. Contact - "Gravekeeper" (Boston, Massachusetts)
2. Written By Wolves - "To Tell You The Truth" (Auckland, New Zealand)
3. Skyeline - "Without Me" (Ocean County, New Jersey)
4. Ghostly Times - "Trace Your Steps" (Brooklyn, New York)
5. Premise - "Mirrors" (Surrey, United Kingdom)
6. Between The Rain - "44" (New York, New York)
7. Reign Of Fear - "All Common In Design" (Ronkonkoma, New York)
8. Align The Tide - "Dead Religion" (Mellieħa, Malta)
9. Weight Of Emptiness - "Unbreakable" (Santiago, Chile)