From The Depths Entertainment November 2017 Playlist

Our November playlist features exciting artists that you can gorge yourself on all month long.


1. Written By Wolves - "Apathy (Is A Hell Of A Drug)" (Auckland, New Zealand)
2. Wise Youngblood - "My Only Problem" (Nanaimo, Canada)
3. The Emergency Please - "Remember You" (Southampton, United Kingdom)
4. Once Almost Never - "85ft" (Perth, Australia)
5. Lonely Avenue - "Mad" (Sacramento, California)
6. The Endless Line - "Going Nowhere Fast" (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
7. Leaving Passenger - "Lies On The Floor" (Paris, France)
8. Nothin Left - "Party Song" (Wapakoneta, Ohio)
9. Within Shadows - "Inside The Shape" (Harrow, Canada)
10. Cadence Calling - "The Accounts Of Evil" (Toronto, Canada)
11. The Face Of Ruin - "Murderer's Lair" (Warwick, United Kingdom)
12. Save The Fallen - "Accuser" (Orlando, Florida)
13. 5150 - "Mad Max" (Los Angeles, California)
14. Weight Of Emptiness - "Behind The Masks" (Santiago, Chile)
15. New Age Affair - "For You" (Rapid City, South Dakota)
16. Crown The Mushroom - "Caramel Wavez" (Demo) (East London, United Kingdom)
17. Room On The 3rd Floor - "In Bloom" (Neck Deep Cover) (Rome, Italy)
18. Petricor - "Temple" (Aberdeen, Ohio)