From The Depths Entertainment September 2019 Playlist

The Fall season creeps in with a healthy sprinkling of some of the best acts from around the world.


1. The Isolated Brigade - "I Don't Wanna Die" (Chicago, Illinois)
2. Freight - "Daytime Television" (Dayton, Ohio)
3. The Neuro Farm - "Forged Alliance" (Washington, DC)
4. Jumping The Gun - "Twisted" (Pensacola, Florida)
5. Runaway Ricochet - "Big Plans" (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
6. Old Man Oblivion - "Anxiety: The Musical" (Nashville, Tennessee)
7. Memories of Sunday - "Mister Magic" (East Liverpool, Ohio)
8. Generation Underground - "7 Day Girlfriend" (Old Bridge, New Jersey)
9. Weight Of Emptiness - "The Flame" (Santiago, Chile)
10. Coattails - "Chasing Light" (Austin, Texas)
11. Embracing The Enemy - "Monster" (West Lafayette, Indiana)
12. Microcosms - "Someone You Know" (Chicago, Illinois)