From The Depths Entertainment August 2017 Playlist

Summer might be almost over but our new August playlist keeps things blazing at a scorching level.


1. Skyeline - "Three Years" (Ocean County, New Jersey)
2. Altamadum - "When The Smoke Has Cleared" (Thunder Bay, Canada)
3. Break Out Day - "The Party's Over" (Roslyn, New York)
4. Smiling Politely - "Through Your Fire" (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
5. Contending - "Silence Of It All" (Culpeper, Virginia)
6. Anever - "King Of Nothing" (San Jose, California)
7. Somewhere Between - "Without You" (Bend, Oregon)
8. Crawling Manifest - "Still Waiting" (Greensboro, Maryland)
9. Basement Royalty - "Aisle Of The Dead" (Puerto Rico)
10. Steal Reserve - "Rust" (Long Island, New York)
11. Dead Atlantic - "This Massacre Is Real" (Baltimore, Maryland)
12. Forward Order - "Fake It" (Hanover, Pennsylvania)
13. The Art Of Deception - "Prophecy" (Danville, Pennsylvania)
14. Within Shadows - "Enough Is Enough" (Harrow, Canada)
15. Our Last Of Days - "All The Same" (Reno, Nevada)
16. Glass Idols - "Thema" (Greeneville, Tennessee)
17. Kraill - "At First Light" (Perth, Australia)
18. Maps To Eden - "Ghost" (Sydney, Australia)
19. Downhearted - "United States Of Disgust" (Omaha, Nebraska)
20. Forever Frost - "These Ghosts" (Port Alberni, British Columbia)
21. Senseless - "Eyes Wide Open" (Long Island, New York)
22. The Parkwoods - "The Good Old Days" (Providence, Rhode Island)
23. New Age Affair - "Reset" (Rapid City, South Dakota)
24. Good Luck Spaceman - "Bubble Boy" (Trenton, New Jersey)