From The Depths Entertainment July 2018 Playlist

Our July 2018 playlist features musical fireworks that'll set your Summer days off with a bang!


1. Coat Check Girl - "Astray" (Los Angeles, California)
2. Autumn Walker - "Step Back" (San Marcos, Texas)
3. Break Out Day - "Deleted Imagery" (Roslyn, New York)
4. Five Ways To Nowhere - "Vodka Queen" (Turin, Italy)
5. Taking The Hourglass - "Battle" (Omaha, Nebraska)
6. Flood Peak - "Scourge" (Portland, Oregon)
7. The Human Tragedy - "Screaming In Black and White" (Huntington, West Virginia)
8. Angelic Desolation - "Dinosaurs In Minor Chords" (Denver, Colorado)
9. Juracán - "Lluvia" (Portland, Oregon)
10. Siren's Breath - "Gotta b Me" (Brenham, Texas)
11. Kill No Albatross - "Sky On Fire" (Burlington, Canada)
12. Stay Loud - "Fck Yrslf" (Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania)
13. OLC - "Still Okay" (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
14. Stealing Fame - "Break Away" (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)