Dhampyres (Metal) - United Kingdom

Dhampyres are a 5 piece theatrical rock band from Gloucestershire, UK with a heavy, yet melodic dark sound that started out as the vision of vocalist/frontman Al Hale in early 2022. Frustrated by the whole scene he decided it was time throw caution to the wind and channel his creativity into the music he loved. Something that little bit darker. This venture produced two singles “Darkness Becomes Sun” and “Guiding Light”.

With reinvigorated enthusiasm Al was joined by Guitarist/songwriter Mike Nash in late 2022 and so the seeds of Dhampyres were sown. Songwriting commenced and a natural synergy was found between the two that would result in the album “Lore of the Dhampyre”.

Realising what they had was really something special, Al and Mike made the decision to take this thing live and find likeminded musicians to continue the journey. Enter Guitarist Sam King, Bassist Joe Allen and Drummer Paul Boston Daniel to the fold. Three individuals who would bring the right amount of commitment and passion to the project to drive it forward.

With the album tracks written rehearsals commenced in March 2023 with a relaxed approach. However, two months in, an unexpected opportunity to play the Main Stage at the Drunken Monkey Festival in Malvern, Worcestershire in the August presented itself and galvanised the band into action lining up a warm-up gig at Ye Olde Foundry in Dudley in mid-July. The debut gig was a success. So much so that the promoter for the Corrosion Festival in Morecambe, who had travelled down specially, offered Dhampyres the opening slot on the Friday night of the festival.

Following these live shows it was clear that some music was needed to be released. So, July 2023 saw the release of Dhampyres debut single “Darkness Becomes Sun” and an accompanying video which attracted numerous views on YouTube and the single receiving considerable rotation on internet radio/podcasts.

Shortly after the single release Dhampyres was given the opportunity to open for the legendary Alcatrazz at the equally legendary Cart and Horses (the birthplace of Iron Maiden, no less) in London.

The October of 2023 saw the release of the second single “Blood Red Moon” followed by a live date at the Carpe Nocturm, at the Lending Rooms in Leeds, with Rhombus and Black Riders Cult.

It was then decided that the Album needed to be released and on 14th February 2024 “Lore of the Dhampyre” was unleashed. Just in time for Dhampyres appearance at the HRH Goth II Festival at the O2 Academy, Leicester.

Dhampyres have been confirmed for several festival appearances in 2024 and are actively pursuing further live dates where their strategy is to grab the attention of as many victims as possible with their captivating vampiric and visual horror themed stage show and unique powerful catchy songs.