Annual Killers

Annual Killers (Rock) - United Kingdom

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Annual Killers are a three piece alternative rock band from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. A heavy rock/indie band with a kick of punk influence. “Annual Killers” are one of the most versatile up and coming bands around. The idea for the band was originally formed by Drummer Morgan Price and Guitarist/Vocalist Kaydn Elliott back in February 2020. They met up with Bassist/Vocalist Cohan Maybank at a practice session in 2022 and the chemistry from day one was obviously recognisable as they started writing a number of songs together almost instantly. Cohan had made himself naturally at home within the already strong relationship Morgan and Kaydn shared from the start. Once the trio had come together they debuted as Annual Killers in early 2023. The bands main goal is to open people up to different genres of music through the many different sounds they play and spread great energy doing what they love. They are always looking to create the best sounds and deliver tunes with plenty of energy and attitude using driven tones and heavy hitting drum beats and can’t wait to bring new tunes in 2024!