Beyond Chaotic

Beyond Chaotic (Rock) - Florida

Beyond Chaotic was formed at a Rock Band Camp in the summer of 2015, when siblings Alex and Max were only 9 and 11 years old. Originally assembled as a 6-piece group, the band eventually matured into a finely-tuned, teen-aged, rock-and-roll machine, with Max taking on lead vocals and guitar, and Alex playing bass. Their 2019 debut album, 'This Can't Be Good', was picked up by roughly 100 college radio stations across the US and Canada and Top-30 charted on several - reaching as high as Number 5 at WNSU-Ft. Lauderdale. Songs from 'This Can't Be Good' can be heard on local radio (Tampa Bay, Florida), such as Sunshine 96.7FM, and nationally on WBCQ (Monticello, Maine) on the show 'American Debauchery'. The band's sophomore album is currently slated for release this winter (2022), with the first single hitting the airwaves sometime in mid-to-late May (2022).

"Saturday Night" Single Review
The track starts with an almost Offspring like intensity to kick things off with high energy. The high tempo continues with a nice sing along chorus and top notch instrumentation. The driving force of the guitar riffs keep the pace at a fast clip as the second verse blazes ahead full speed. The bridge features a phenomenal guitar solo that transitions into the chorus to close out the track in style with its catchiness.

Beyond Chaotic's newest single is filled to the brim with super catchy, high energy Rock stylings.