Snowy Jammers

Snowy Jammers (Folk/Rock/Blues/Punk) - Australia

Snowy Jammers is like a rocked up Folk band bringing a bluesy rocky punky fusion with old school sound with contemporary lyricist. Founding member Ruth loves writing songs and loves seeing people having fun enjoying our sound. Some say sounds like Patty Smith and has a bit of attitude to match. While running musical cafe Morganics East Gippsland musicians regularly gathered we had lots of fun. This is how Duncan Oliver lead and rhythm guitarist and Ruth Hanson got together who teamed up up with Matt Hickey on Bass, Nick Fischer drummer and guitarist, Clay McCurly drums and guitarist, Robbie Beel on percussion, and Belinda Harton doing back up vocals. Closing cafe during covid times gave more time to create new album with new band. We have just recorded at Snowy River Studio and look forward to releasing new songs. Hope you all enjoy new album today's menu.