Little Liar

Little Liar (Hard Rock) - New York

Little Liar is a Gloomy Hard Rock group from the outskirts of Buffalo NY, drawing influences from Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, Alice In Chains, Velvet Revolver, Black Sabbath, The Black Keys and The Strokes bringing a modern twist to a 90s Hard Rock sound.

Vocals - Austin Reese
Lead Guitar - Matt Levulis
Bass Guitar - Nathan Dash
Percussion - Derek Langdon

"Dirty Broke Kid" Single Review
The track swirls around its opening until bursting through with a Hard Rock crunch alongside the first verse. The vocals dig in deep as the whirlwind instrumentation take hold with a heaviness and attitude. The chorus brings out even more attitude as the talents of the band shine through bright. The bridge dips down a bit with more melodic instrumentation before giving way to an extraordinary guitar solo. The guitar solo sets up the returning chorus perfectly to wrap things up.

Little Liar establish themselves even further as Hard Rock upstarts via their newest single.