Not For Saints

Not For Saints (Metal/Metalcore) - Germany

"III" EP Review
"Hence" bursts right through from the first note and marches forward with a barrage of riffs to get things going fast and heavy. The vocals are a dual dynamic between harsh and clean sung during the first verse. The chorus continues the melodic, old school Metal clean vocals and it's awesome sounding. The circle pit intensity follows as it continues the high octane pace. The guitar work is top notch overall on the opener. "Falcon Shot" is five miutes of pure Metal goodness. The track blazes forward and doesn't hold back with its delivery. The toe tapping appeal as well as mosh-ability is off the charts. There's a slight Soilwork/In Flames vibe on the track as some breakdowns and melody take turns crushing the sound. "Liars" has an old school Metal flair to it. The more melodic sound is very radio worthy, even with its aggressive vocals at certain points. It's no wonder that the track was chosen as a single and got the music video treament. It's a spectacular closer to wrap up an amazing EP.

Not For Saints look to continue their Metal onslaught with their most recent EP.