Escaping the Eclipse

Escaping the Eclipse (Metalcore) - Nebraska

Escaping The Eclipse is a two-piece modern melodic metalcore band out of Omaha, NE. The band was formed in 2021 and since then, they have been crafting a unique blend of modern and revival riffs and breakdowns blending the lines between old and new metalcore staples. Their music is heavily influenced by the 2010 era of metalcore. Since their inception, they have released their EP, Survival Trial, and have another project in the process of being released. They have since been gaining traction in their local scene having played a few local shows.

Escaping The Eclipse meaning: Our name holds a very valuable meaning, and a life lesson if you take it in stride. Throughout life you face negative feedback, toxicity, and inhibitions with everything you do. The ETE project was named after the notion of escaping what is holding you back, and shining through no matter what may come your way. Every day we strive to do just that with our music and our livelihood and we encourage you to do the same.

"The Reaping" Album Review
The opening intro track "Breaking the Silence" builds atmosphere with ambient tones before blasting into a Metalcore assault on the senses to wrap up the two minute opener. "Defame" sets things off with a onslaight of aggression. There's some clean singing in its choruse that helps bring more melody. It sets a solid tone for what's to come. "Psychosomatic" starts off with Attack Attack like synth tones before blasting right in fully with a Metalcore assault. The opening breakdown sets things off right with extreme fury. The live floor will surely be moving along to the destruction that conjures up eventual two stepping shortly after the one minute mark. The breakdown that follows is Synthcore in its delivery as it brings back those early 2000 days. The track then shifts gears again as it goes all out to end the track on a ultra aggressive note. The title track is next and rips right in with a more Deathcore like style. The breakdowns are on point from the get go as it gets pretty vicious. The time signatures at times bring with it vibes of Blood Has Been Shed. "Pathology" has shades of early Bury Your Dead in its opening before blazing a trail of destruction in its wake. The mix of dual melodic and aggressive vocals is different in its delivery but doesn't take away from the overall heavy annihilation. "Riptide" brings back the Synthcore style and runs full speed with it as the track doesn't waste any time within its near three minute length. The clean vocals add quite some depth overall. "Pure" has a touch of early A Day to Remember to it as it features the breakdowns and more focus on melody than the previous tracks. The track should be a fan favorite in no time. The closer "Let Me Go" takes a bit to get going but once it does, it sinks its teeth right in and doesn't let go. The track wraps up the album perfectly as it showcases all of the melodies and heaviness the band brings to the table.

Escaping the Eclipse looks to set the Metalcore genre ablaze with their newest album.

-Interview- (9/22/23)