Nitro Nitra

Nitro Nitra (Rock) - Pennsylvania

NITRO NITRA is a High Enery Rock Band influenced by the Hard and Classic Rock Sounds of the Past. While always paying homage to the Rock Gods, this band also adds a modern twist to their original music. They released their newest EP Rock Revolution the Experience, in April of 2024. They were featured on NBC's American Song Contest in April 2022 and they are also The Winners of DEATH WISH COFFEE's Battle of the Bands 2023. While having played throughout the Mid Atlantic Region of the United States. Their performances have garnered the attention of fans throughout the world. The Band members include Jimi Church, Scott Brady, Johnny Zapo, Dan Martino and the front woman Nitro!

Nitro embodies openining herself up to new levels of existence and she thrives on sharing that reality with her fans. Having spent a long period of her life in repetitive loops of mental bondage, She found a way to break free and transcend the conditioned cycles that kept her from reaching her full potential.

With Drums that Bring Thunder, Guitars that eject Lightning, and Vocals that wont Quit! This Powerhouse of a band has their own sound That leaves the audience grasping for more!